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The Kitchn: This is the only way we're cooking corn this summer. With recipe for Instant Pot Butter Bath Corn. With 1 color image: Instant Pot Butter Bath Corn.

For this cake recipe, make sure to select nectarines that are not too soft.

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My mom was not a baker. She could barbecue a steak and make a great salad, but when it came to dessert it was Van de Kamp's chocolate chip cookies from the cookie drawer or Baskin Robbins ice cream from the freezer. She once made a pineapple upside down cake from a box; and while I was intrigued with the whole notion of an upside down cake, I never desired one again.

These bite-sized cheesecakes can be made up to one day ahead.

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Fresh salsa is always better than salsa you buy in a jar, and the flavor is second to none; especially when tomatoes are in season. I used to make pails of this fresh salsa at the grocery store kitchen, and it would fly off the shelves. Not only is salsa great on chips, but you can use a few spoonfuls of it to season a guacamole, tame the sweetness of a baked sweet potato, or as a...

Chopped pistachios add a bit of crunch and a gorgeous pop of green to these breakfast buns.

Using an Instant Pot infuses the corn with sweet, buttery flavor.