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The best Pyrex measuring cup

The best Pyrex measuring cup

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Pyrex measuring cups are great, not only for measuring but also for mixing and pouring in an all-in-one container.

Pyrex measuring cups are great, not only for measuring but also for mixing and pouring in an all-in-one container.

Since 1915, Pyrex has been making sturdy, temperature-resistant glass products for the kitchen. And if you bake or cook regularly, it makes sense to invest in a Pyrex measuring cup. It won’t melt, shatter or break if it’s near heat or put in the freezer, and it’s got a great grip and classic design. 

There are many different Pyrex measuring cup sizes and varieties you can go with, and while all of their high-level glass products will serve you well, the Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup is our top pick for its professional level of quality and durability as well as its affordable price point.

What to know before you buy a Pyrex measuring cup

What is Pyrex?

Pyrex is both a brand and a material — a particular type of glass cherished for its ability to resist heat, cold and electricity. For this reason, it’s a popular asset as much in laboratory chemistry glassware sets as in kitchen and domestic settings. It can be heated, cooled and frozen, and it’s microwave-, oven- and dishwasher-safe. The glass itself is non-porous, so it won’t retain odors or flavors after being cleaned. Plus, all Pyrex products are made in the United States, so if you like buying nationally made products, you’re in luck.

Dry vs. wet measurements

Pyrex are level glass measuring cups that make both liquid and dry measurements easy. Liquid measurements are simple enough, since they level themselves on an even surface and should line up with the Pyrex cup’s red markings. Dry measurements are a bit trickier, since you have to shake or scoop them into place, but since Pyrex is transparent, it’s much easier to see if you’ve gotten a dry ingredient level with the measurement markings than if you were to use an opaque or colored cup.


Pyrex measuring cups are classified and priced based on the liquid volume that they can hold; these tend to be priced in units of cups, ranging from one cup, two cup, four cup and onwards. Larger models enter units of quarts and tend to be pricier since they’re made with more glass.

Pyrex measuring cup features 

Measurement markings

Pyrex sports a signature bright red label marking system on all of its measuring cups, indicating cups on one side and milliliters on the other. Since they’re easy to read, and are clearly labeled on both sides, these red marks make measuring out either dry or wet ingredients a piece of cake.


Pyrex measuring cups are all equipped with short, thick handles. Long handles tend to cause cups to lose balance easily, and Pyrex measuring cups are designed to maintain their balance and avoid wobbling or tipping over.


You can wash your Pyrex measuring cups by hand, or throw them in the dishwasher since they're dishwasher safe. The glass itself is simple to clean and, while the cups are not non-stick, ingredients wash off easily with soap and water.

Pyrex measuring cup cost

Pyrex measuring cups cost about $10-$20, and since they’re built to last with a warranty, it’s an investment you won’t often have to make.

Pyrex measuring cup FAQ

Can you put Pyrex glass measuring cups in the freezer? 

A. Yes, you can put Pyrex measuring cups in the freezer; Pyrex glass will resist temperatures as low as -40 degrees. This can be useful to quickly cool butter for certain recipes, or freeze liquid ingredients that you’re not quite ready to use yet. 

Do Pyrex measuring cups come with a warranty?

A. Yes, Pyrex measuring cups come with anything from a two-year to a 10-year warranty, depending on the vendor and model.

Is Pyrex unbreakable?

A. While Pyrex is breakable, it’s certainly sturdy and much harder to break than traditional glass. Regular glass shatters when exposed to heat, but Pyrex was specifically designed to withstand high heats, which is why it’s often found in laboratory use.

Which Pyrex measuring cup should I get?

Best of the best Pyrex measuring cup

Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup: available at Amazon 

Our take: A standard two-cup measuring cup with clear, easy-to-read red markings, solid Pyrex glass and a low price point.

What we like: Two-cup measuring cups are the standard for most home kitchens, so users tend to be most comfortable and familiar with them. This one also comes with a BPA-free lid.

What we dislike: It only holds two cups, which may be limiting for anyone baking large batches all at once. It's also not as easy to use as a mixing bowl or a quart cup would be when baking in large batches.

Best bang for your buck Pyrex measuring cup

Pyrex Prepware 1-Cup Glass Measuring Cup: available at Amazon

Our take: An iconic, vintage-looking one-cup measuring cup at an excellent price point.

What we like: Small and easy to store, either on shelves or out on the counter. It's very affordable, as well.

What we dislike: Only holds up to one cup of measuring volume, which may be limiting to some chefs. 

Honorable mention Pyrex measuring cup

Pyrex Prepware 1-Quart Glass Measuring Cup: available at Amazon

Our take: A larger quart option for big-batch cooking.

What we like: The large size makes it great for professional cooking or baking — it can even double as a mixing bowl.

What we dislike: This measuring cup is more expensive, and the more expansive size might be off-putting to more casual chefs, or for anyone cooking for a small group.

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