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KitchenAid vs. Cuisinart immersion: Which blender is better?

KitchenAid vs. Cuisinart immersion: Which blender is better?

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An immersion blender is a handheld blender that's ideal for light kitchen tasks such as quick purees, blended soups, whipped cream and salad dressings.

An immersion blender is a handheld blender that's ideal for light kitchen tasks such as quick purees, blended soups, whipped cream and salad dressings.

Comparing KitchenAid and Cuisinart immersion blenders

An immersion blender is a very flexible and convenient tool to have around the kitchen, whether you’re blending a soup over the stove, whirling breadcrumbs or whipping cream. These handheld blenders are especially great for small kitchens as they can easily be stowed in a kitchen drawer or pantry. 

If you’re in the market for an immersion blender, Cuisinart and KitchenAid are two top contenders. Both companies manufacture quality hand blenders with various styles at similar price points, but there are a few differences to consider when it comes to power, speed, available attachments and accessories. 

KitchenAid immersion blenders

KitchenAid is a trusted brand in all sorts of kitchen appliances, including immersion blenders. They offer three different styles of immersion blenders, including a two-speed corded hand blender, variable speed corded hand blender and a cordless model. Each of their immersion blenders has a chic and stylish design that comes in an array of different colors including ice blue, deep red and teal. They also include dishwasher-safe blending arms. 

KitchenAid’s immersion blenders cost $50-$200 or more, depending on the model. Some are cost-effective, while their priciest model includes a 12-volt rechargeable battery plus interchangeable blades for whisking, frothing and chopping and other accessories. 

KitchenAid has a host of valuable customer service features. Their website includes a troubleshooting page with easily accessible product support, plus an on-demand chat function with virtual assistants. Their “A Pinch of Help” blog also includes important product information as well as helpful cooking tips and techniques. 

KitchenAid immersion blender pros

  • High-quality customer service: KitchenAid has a robust online customer support system, including on-demand assistance and a blog with product information, cooking tips and recipes. 
  • Good variety of attachments and accessories: KitchenAid offers an array of attachments, including interchangeable blades for whisking, pureeing and chopping. 
  • Chic and colorful designs: KitchenAid’s immersion blenders have a chic and stylish design that comes in several colors. These colors match other items on their product line, such as hand mixers. 
  • Variable speed switch: KitchenAid’s variable speed models have a convenient speed switch for greater flexibility and control. 
  • Cordless models charge in 2 hours or less: Plus, a quick charge function allows you to charge the immersion blender in 20 minutes for low-power tasks like blending soups or smoothies. 

KitchenAid immersion blender cons

  • Some less powerful models: KitchenAid’s basic model is slightly less powerful than the Cuisinart Smart Stick, despite a similar price point. 
  • Professional model is significantly more expensive: KitchenAid’s top-of-the-line model is over $250, which is significantly more expensive than Cuisinart’s pro model. However, it includes a range of accessories that may justify the price for some. 

Best KitchenAid immersion blenders


KitchenAid Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender: available at Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and Sur La Table

This cordless KitchenAid hand blender offers varying speeds and a powerful, battery-powered motor that recharges in 2 hours or less. It can blend 25 servings of soup on a single charge. The 8-inch blending arm is removable for easy cleaning. Plus, it comes in eight stylish colors that match some of KitchenAid’s other product lines. 

KitchenAid KHBV53IC Variable Speed Corded Hand Blender: available at Amazon

This corded KitchenAid hand blender is half the price of their cordless model and includes a variable speed switch and dishwasher-safe removable blending arm. It comes in 11 attractive colors. 

Cuisinart immersion blenders

Like KitchenAid, Cuisinart is a trustworthy brand with a huge product line of various kitchen appliances, including several immersion blenders. They manufacture both corded and cordless immersion blenders with varying power and speed settings. 

The Cuisinart Smart Stick is their most popular model and includes a powerful and quiet 300-watt motor capable of crushing ice in addition to making purees and smoothies. It also includes a safety lock feature to keep the blender from turning on by itself. However, many users find this feature frustrating: the button is at the top of the unit, and the feature makes it difficult to operate the blender with one hand. 

Cuisinart also manufactures a more basic (and less powerful) two-speed hand blender and a cordless hand blender. Cuisinart’s immersion blenders cost as little as $50 and upwards of $100 for the top-of-the-line. 

Cuisinart’s accessory and attachment line is not nearly as robust as KitchenAid’s, though they offer both chopping and whisking attachments. Like KitchenAid, Cuisinart offers online customer support and their website includes uploaded product manuals. 

Cuisinart immersion blender pros

  • Powerful and quiet motor: Cuisinart’s immersion blenders are known to have quiet motors despite their powerful 300 watts.
  • Less expensive: Depending on the model, a Cuisinart immersion blender may cost less than a KitchenAid. This is especially the case for their professional model. 

Cuisinart immersion blender cons

  • Frustrating safety feature: Cuisinart’s Smart Stick immersion blenders have a safety lock that many users find frustrating. The safety latch is at the top of the unit and needs to be switched every time you use the blender. Many users find that the safety latch makes it difficult to operate the blender with one hand. 
  • Fewer attachments available: Cuisinart’s immersion blenders offer fewer attachments than KitchenAid’s. While most of their immersion blenders come with a whisking and chopping attachment, Cuisinart doesn’t offer interchangeable blades or some of KitchenAid’s other accessories. 

Best Cuisinart immersion blenders

Cuisinart RHB-100 EvolutionX Cordless Hand Blender: available at Amazon and Home Depot

Cuisinart’s top-of-the-line hand blender includes cordless operation, a powerful motor, a beaker and whisk attachment. The lithium-ion battery recharges in 130 minutes via USB. It operates for about 30 minutes on a single charge. 

Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender: available at Sur La Table and Amazon

The Cuisinart Smart Stick is Cuisinart’s most popular and cost-effective model. It has a supremely powerful 300-watt motor and two speed settings to handle various tasks around the kitchen. However, it includes a safety switch that some users find challenging to use. 

Should I get a KitchenAid immersion blender or a Cuisinart immersion blender?

KitchenAid and Cuisinart both offer a range of high-quality immersion blenders at similar price points. KitchenAid offers a more stylish design, more accessories and superior customer service options, while Cuisinart offers an overall more powerful motor. However, the design of the Cuisinart safety latch makes their immersion blender more challenging to use, making KitchenAid the superior choice.

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