Is Canned Pumpkin Actually Pumpkin?

Is Canned Pumpkin Actually Pumpkin?

As the air gets crisp and the leaves start to change, it’s time to add some signature fall flavor to your dishes. For example, pumpkin pie is one of the most iconic pies to have on your Thanksgiving dinner table. The pie is easy to make using refrigerated pie crusts, canned pumpkin and a variety of spices for the filling. But what is canned pumpkin made of?

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Though pumpkin is one of the key ingredients, the Food and Drug Administration says that canned pumpkin can be made from field pumpkin — or a certain variety of firm-shelled, golden-fleshed sweet squash. So canned pumpkin can be made with pumpkin, squash or some mixture of the two. Sometimes, pumpkin and squash are mixed together to create a more ideal consistency for cooking and baking at home.

Whether it’s technically a pumpkin pie or a squash pie you’re baking, it’s sure to be a dessert that will impress your guests when you serve it this fall. A classic pumpkin pie is just one of the great recipes you can make using canned pumpkin.

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