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Health inspectors found live chickens wandering around a restaurant parking lot, food workers who touched their face masks then handled customer orders without washing, dirty toilets, cockroaches and other violations at 14 Sedgwick County businesses deemed out of compliance with state health rules between Aug. 30 and Sept. 12.

A list of the establishments -- which includes 10 restaurants, two motels, a hotel and a northwest Wichita big-box store -- appears below with a summary of the problems Kansas Department of Agriculture inspectors noted on their reports. You can read specifics by searching The Eagle's non-compliant database at This list was compiled Sept. 14.

Nearly 70 businesses surveyed during those two weeks passed their inspections with few or no violations. You can see those at

Violations are common and usually are fixed immediately. Businesses fall out of compliance when they have a certain number or type of problem that can lead to foodborne illnesses or ones that can't be corrected right away, such as plumbing issues and pest infestations. Follow-up inspections typically happen within 10 days.

To complain about conditions at a business, email or call 785-564-6767.

Out of compliance inspections for Aug. 30-Sept. 12:

Afton Motel, 855 S. Broadway in Wichita -- Fourteen violations for missing and rotting walkway boards and steps, no GFCI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms, sink that won't drain, dirty and damaged room walls and pillow cases, missing evacuation diagrams in rooms, trash left in rooms, missing or broken vents and furnace and air conditioning units, rooms not cleaned by staff often enough, moldy bathtub, bed bugs and roaches

The Anchor, 1109 E. Douglas in Wichita -- One violation for cockroaches

Auto Motel, 1230 S. Broadway in Wichita -- Nine violations for empty light sockets, no paper towels in employee bathroom, missing batteries in smoke detectors, food debris behind dresser, drawers soiled with salt or sugar and dead bugs, soiled toilet seat and sheets, torn box spring, missing room lock

Da' Chicken Shak and More, 3920 E. Harry Ste. 200 in Wichita -- Six violations for employee not washing hands after handling raw chicken gizzards, improper food storage, food at unsafe temperatures, water not hot enough at bathroom sink, no hand drying supplies

El Gordo Mexican Food, 11333 E. Central Ave. in Wichita -- Two violations for food at unsafe temperatures

El Pollo Dorado, 128 W. 21st St. N. in Wichita -- Nine violations for employees touching their face masks then touching food without washing hands, food at unsafe temperatures, employee used bleach to sanitize cutting board, no water at sink, overflowing and foul smelling wastewater tank, three live chickens wandering around the parking lot near food preparation areas, unlabeled chemical bottle, oven cleaner stored over cups

El Vaquero Mexican Grill, 1320 E. Central Ave. in Wichita -- Three violations for thawing fish improperly, food at unsafe temperatures, storing chopped vegetables in grocery sacks instead of food-safe packages

Emperor's Japanese Grill, 11330 E. Central Ave. in Wichita -- Eleven violations for having food at unsafe temperatures, missing food thermometer, keeping rice out of refrigeration for too long, dirty equipment, no sanitizer in washing machine, flies landing on surfaces that touch food, unlabeled chemicals, bleach stored by condiments

Little Caesars Pizza, 2548 S. Seneca in Wichita -- Three violations for missing written documentation, not marking pizzas with preparation time, cockroaches

Madrocks Sports Bar, 1821 E. Madison Ave, Ste. 100 in Derby -- Nine violations for having fruit flies in green apple vodka and Bushmills whiskey bottles, improper food storage, food at unsafe temperatures, no opening or preparation dates on dairy products and egg rolls, expired sauces and bread pudding, old ham and turkey, plumbing issue, no soap at bar sink, unlabeled chemicals, insect spray stored by gloves

Mulligan's Pub, 8343 E. 32nd St. N., Ste. 110 in Wichita -- Five violations for improper food storage, no opening or preparation date on chicken wings, old milk and corned beef, old salami and turkey, dishwasher not using sanitizer, bottle of cleaner facing soda syrup

Target, 2727 N. Maize Rd. in Wichita -- Nine violations for storing raw meat over cooked foods, poultry and chicken kabobs that "had a foul spoiled smell after opening" because they weren't kept cold enough, food at unsafe temperatures, hummus with no opening or preparation date, old deli meat, dirty equipment, water not hot enough at bakery sink, no hand drying supplies, sanitizer bottle touching deli paper, chemicals stored over clean dishes

Tuptim Thai Restaurant, 2121 N. Rock Rd., Ste. 300 in Wichita -- Eight violations for moldy lemons and jalapenos, raw poultry and beef stored together, food at unsafe temperatures, old cream cheese and crab mix, dirty equipment and dishes, no sanitizer in dishwasher, no hand drying supplies at kitchen sink, chemicals not labeled

Woodspring Suites Wichita Airport, 7525 W. Taft in Wichita -- Five violations for broken kitchen outlet, evidence of bed bug and roach infestations, "splatter and soiled residue on the wall around the toilet" in one room, dust and hair accumulated along baseboards in several rooms, dead roaches and insect feces in kitchen cabinets, roaches scattered across floors in several rooms, affected rooms were still available for rent


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