Catherine Bugue

Catherine Bugue

Tucked off Bodega Bay’s main drag, right along the coast, is Gourmet Au Bay, a hip little spot filled with heady kitchen aromas of Slow Coast Fish Stew, Cajun Roasted Prawns, and Wood Roasted Mussels — and including a bar and eclectic wine shop.

This fresh and fruity JP Chenet sparkling wine ($10/glass) paired well with the foggy crispness in the air, and sitting on an outdoor patio looking out at the Bay is always a good idea — for chilling and taking a break, or as our neighboring table was doing: contemplating life, the Russia scandal, and the real meaning behind the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up.”

JP Chenet is a simple, inexpensive sparkling wine from France, perfect for inlet hopping along the bay. Or one to buy by the case for a large party.

Catherine Bugue is the Star’s tasting panel writer. Her weekly pursuit of a good glass of wine provides a nice supply of choices for the Wine of the Week column. If you’d like to submit a Napa Valley wine for this column, please send it to the Napa Valley Wine Academy, 2501 Oak St., Napa, CA 94559.

There’s no guarantee your wine will be chosen to be featured, but all wines will be evaluated and considered.

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